GlampOUT ~ 11th Birthday


What’s more glorious than celebrating an 11th Birthday?  Having a GlampOUT!  What is a “GlampOut” you ask?

Camping… yes! Roughing It? Not Quite.

Camping in December… yes, please. When your birthday is in the midst of winter what better way to create an indoor slumber party when it’s just too cold to camp out doors.  To get the ultimate glamping experience we set-up a pretty tent in a cozy space for the perfect foundation for any glampsite.


Design, props & rentals: Mariah Rainier Style

Cake: Happy Cakes & Events

Photography: Heather Lyn n Photographie

Paper Designs: Layers of Paper



Our Cozy GlampOUT Tent

DSC_2987The “BIRTHDAY GIRL” Crafting Canvas


IMG_6123Neon GLOW sticks game.

Throw bracelet GLOW sticks over a glass bottle in the dark!

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