Have a “GUMBall”


This 8th Birthday swim party at the Everett Golf & Country Club is bursting with color and popping with gumballs. Our inspiration came from a vintage gumball machine stand and several vintage gumball machines and one little girl’s love of “GUMBALLS.” With bright colors of lime green, lavender, raspberry, sky blue & pink what better way to make this party explode with these bursts of color. We love working with Gay Soriano of Happy Cakes & Events her design of this life sized key lime flavored gumball machine cake and cupcakes were exploding with creativity & flavors.  We incorporated delightful mini gumball machines, colorful clear tubes of gumballs & popcorn.  The beverage stand beautifully showcased bubblegum necklaces and sweet gumball door knobs.  Vintage dessert trays were filled with gumball cake pops and perfectly decorated gumball cookies designed by the ever talented and sweet Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies. Gigantic Balloons and vintage gumball machines were the focal point of each child’s table. The back of each chair was adorned with colorful tulle and clusters of gumballs.  Vintage details with the old farm house window frame, buffet table and antique accents gave this party flair by bringing the old gumball machines to life with their pops of color.  Party rentals, vintage props and decorations were created & styled by Mariah Rainier Style and photography by Heather Lynn Photographie.

Jump on in & have a “GUMBall!”

Mariah Rainier Style

Everett Golf & Country Club

Heather Lynn Photographie

Jenny Cookies

Happy Cakes and Events


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