Lemon & Lime Sweet Treat Birthday Celebration

I love the color yellow, it’s so light, bright and cheery that just the thought of it puts a smile on my face. 

The inspiration for our shoot came from all the freshness and vibrancy of the summer season. We wanted to create a beautifully refreshing landscape that can be translated into a childrens birthday party, baby shower, wedding, bridal shower or engagement party.

We worked with a bright color palette of yellows, bright green and mint green. The vibrant hues really helped to set the tone of the party and capture the crisp & zestful nature of a perfect summer  day.  To complete the outdoor feel, unique mason jars were used as drinking glasses with each jar numbered for an easy find.  We included fun backyard childrens games to create a vintage feel.  The beautiful and sweet cake pops and ombre cake were created by Jenny Cookies. Party rentals, props and decorations were created & styled by Mariah Rainier Style and photography by Heather Lynn Photographie.

Delight in Summer and enjoy a refreshing glass of ice cold lemonade or limeade!

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